Lesson 2: Objectives/Tactics

Time: 45 minutes

Student Objectives: Students will be able to demonstrate the effects of differing objectives and/or tactics by applying them to the lives and situations of their created superheroes.

Theatre Standards:

  • TH:Cr2-3. Participate in methods of investigation to devise original ideas for a drama/theatre work.
  • TH:Cr1.1.3. Create roles, imagined worlds, and improvised stories in a drama/theatre work.
  • TH:Cr2-3. Compare ideas with peers and make selections that will enhance and deepen group drama/theatre work.



  • Warm up (led by student)
  • Introduction:
    • Write the words “objective” and “tactics” on the board, the heads of two columns.
    • Discussion: What is an objective? What is a tactic? (after discussion, or after a student has said correctly what they are, write “what someone wants” under objective and “how they try and get it” under tactic)
    • Participation: One at a time, have students come and write examples under each word.
    • Practice:
    • Ask the students to watch for the objectives each of the characters have in this scene and what are the tactics they are using to try and achieve their objectives?
    • Show the students the clip from Megamind.
    • If needed, show the clip once more and have students point out when and how they noticed the objectives and tactics.
    • Application:
    • Ask the students to pair up, choosing someone they don’t work with a lot who is their same height.Remind them to not touch each other. Hand out a contentless scene. The person whose feet are bigger are A, smaller feet is B.
      • “Read the the scene and determine if both of you are superheroes, or if one is a superhero and one a civilian, or a villain! Write at the top of the paper what your objective is (be specific) and beside each of your lines, write a tactic. And remember to put your own name at the top!”
    • With the remaining time, ask which pairs would like to perform for the class. Invite the class to watch carefully for the objective and tactics they chose. After the pair has performed, encourage applause and ask if anyone in the audience can guess what they chose as their objective and/or tactics. Allow the performers to read off their list after a few guesses.
    • The contentless scene is their “out-the-door” ticket for the day.


  • Contentless Scene Worksheet
  • 10 points possible
    • Name at top (1)
    • All spaces filled out (1)
    • Objective (1)
    • Tactics (6)

Paper is not ripped or crumpled (1)